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|| Le Petit Prince — what a beautiful cover design, and change from the imagery I normally associate with this story.

|| Isaac Asimov, Es, Robots 1967. First Latvian edition.

|| The braille version of the Little Prince

|| Maps of the Imagination

|| Library of Dust - David Maisel

|| Chip Kidd: Book One - Chip Kidd

|| Westward the Course of Empire - Mark Ruwadel

|| Illustration Play

|| The Apollo Prophesies - Kahn & Selesnick

|| The Edge of Vision - Lyle Rexer

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|| Fly Now! - Joanne Gernstein London (I re-photographed many of the posters in this book during my internship at NASM... 1400 of them in the collection!)

|| Robert Smithson - Alexander Alberro

|| NASA Art: 50 Years of Exploration - James Dean and Bertram Ulrich (I've seen many of the pieces in this book up close and personal during my internship at NASM)

|| An American Index of the Hidden and Unknown - Taryn Simon

|| Annals of the Former World - John McPhee

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith

    A great read!

|| The Morning Star - Nick Bantock

|| Alexandria - Nick Bantock

|| The Gryphon - Nick Bantock

Griffin and Sabine: A Love Story for Art Lovers

|| The Golden Mean - Nick Bantock

|| Sabine's Notebook - Nick Bantock

|| Griffin & Sabine - Nick Bantock

Preview: Nick Bantock works magic at the Museum of Outdoor Arts
  • Caroline Lim-Brown
    Caroline Lim-Brown

    I love this trilogy. The story is captivating and the artwork is just amazing.

  • Katy Osterwald
    Katy Osterwald

    Have you read the other three in the series?

  • Caroline Lim-Brown
    Caroline Lim-Brown

    Absolutely! I've read everything Nick Bantock's written and liked them all.

|| Where's Waldo - The Wonder Book

|| Masquerade - Kit Williams

|| A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

|| The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle