Gotta love Disney. More pinnable Disney quotes:

Gotta love Disney. More pinnable Disney quotes:

Grandma Grace, Our light. As startling as the power of electricity. Grace always shocks. Grace always stuns. And Grace is always what we need. It’s there for everyone groping around in the dark: *Turn toward Grace -- & you always turn on all the lights.*

Fits with the quote in the Caring for the Heart study....if you aren't loving someone you are judging them. Such a powerful concept. I get so hung up on someone's actions that I forget they are a person with real feelings and they are most likely hurting.

Hey, my name is Anna and i'm My birthday is December I like watching youtube videos all day long, play with my dogs and just enjoy life. I really hope you'll like my blog and feel free to ask me anything because i'm always here for my lovely followers.

Once you discover a person tellign you a lie, everything changes. And you dont know if you need to confront that person because of his lie, or just go with it, and expecto not to be lied at ever again, even if your mind keeps telling you that's stupid.

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