Mohr Library Kids

Mohr Library Kids

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Mohr Library Kids
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Dig Into Reading SRP 2013 burrowing display use bottom portion on info desk?

Finally, a decoration idea that would actually work in my library! Perfect for the circulation desk, and can hang the leaves from the balcony upstairs :-)

Mole crafts

Moles are funny little creatures, and usually the only evidence we have of them is the unsightly mounds that appear in our gardens and fields! Their underground nature is emphasised in this cute mole puppet craft.

Pony Bead Owl free patern. If you go back a page you get: Animal Pony Bead Patterns- a lot of free patterns.

A fun jewelry making for kids project, this Pony Bead Owl Pendant can be the jump start to teaching your kids basic bead weaving. Turn this cute owl into a necklace, earrings, or even a key chain. Your kids will be want to show off their new skill!