Shadow box with babys stuff from the hospital...way better than sitting in a box somewhere

Shadow box with baby's stuff from the hospital.way better than sitting in a box somewhereShadow box with baby's stuff from the hospital.way better than sitting in a box somewhere

What can't you make with finger paint and toddler hands?

hand print craft - fishbowl LOVE THIS. Day 1 paint white paper blue, Day 2 cut out fish bowls and put on orange child's handprint, Day 3 glue on bubbles, eyes and gravel (beans)!

Use little feet to make this fun construction craft.

So cute! The Keeper of the Cheerios: Construction Site Footprint Craft Good.

Blog Hoppin': Back to School Learning with Names

Name Letter Hunt Freebie Worksheet! Student color the letters in their name-cute way to get the recognizing letters! Great for the first week of school to see who knows their letters or even how to spell their name

first birthday painting <-- love this idea!!! Pam, would you be interested in this???

Tape a number 1 on the canvas then let them finger paint to make their first work of art to hang in their bedroom: baby art- first birthday

alphabet rug with adorable characters for each letter!

Kinderloom Alphabet Rug

Buy your Kinderloom Alphabet Rug here. Decorating your kid's bedroom or nursery is as easy as ABC with the Kinderloom Alphabet Rug! This kid's rug is adorned with adora


Create with hands from Meet the Dubiens: handprint/footprint/thumbprint crazy


So cute for a baby boys room :) love this bed! Could totally put grandpas deer head on the wall I LOVE this Crib! I wish this was Sage's!

DIY: Bubbles | Refill Container  What a GREAT idea!!!!

DIY: Bubble recipe and refill station. Love the idea of reusing plastic cups from restaurants as the containers. Keep the bubble solution confined to one big refill container, and no worries about leaky, yucky containers hiding all over the house!

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