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Don't know what to wear today? Grab a white blouse! The classic white blouse is my favorite go-to piece in my closet. This staple item looks great on all women and will transition easily from day to night.

Se reconnecter dans les bras de Mère Nature

Dark Beauty Magazine ~ Photographer: Valerie Mrosek ~ Model: ShiSha Rainbow She looks so peaceful yet so vulnerable

10 Rare Shots of Frida Kahlo's Life at Home in Mexico City | Curbed

Frida Kahlo in the garden of her house, La Casa Azul, in Coyoacán, Mexico City, 1951 - Photo: © Gisèle Freund / IMEC / Fonds MCC

picked to pieces - Jessica Tremp

Sleeping between the garden and the wild (picked to pieces, Jessica Tremp)