Good morning! I hope U slept good Baby! I know U were so tired! Wish I could bring U some coffee in bed & snuggle!! I Love YOU!! I really do want to do everything on this list over & over!! It would be so wonderful!! There is nothing I want more than to spend my life with YOU!!! I Miss U so much Baby!!!:-*:-*:-* Yes I really Do!!!!***

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Toilet Paper Roll Storage Ideas...very handy for being neat and organized, even when desk drawer space is limited

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Spring in Europe is guaranteed to dazzle and delight your senses, whether you're looking to take off to an exclusive enclave, the newest hot spot, or a trendy metropolis for shopping and time on the beach. Here are Europe's best city escapes for spri...

For my Sarah ..... thank you for being my one true love. If you weren't my one and only, I'm certain I'd end up being sad and lonely. I can't imagine there being anyone else out there crazy enough to understand me, and understanding enough to tolerate me.

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