Things that make me laugh!

Things that make me laugh!

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Vitamin-Ha – Funny Quotes (16 Pics)


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21 Hilarious Quick Quotes To Describe Your Mother In Law

21 Hilarious Quick Quotes To Describe Your Mother In Law

Waaaay before Sheldon Cooper was a twinkle in his Mom's eye, the witty writer, Dorothy Parker, said this.

Coasters | Beverage Drink Coasters | Bar, Tile & Cork Coaster Designs

This short clip gave me nightmares for two whole days!!! It is so weird to watch not to mention creepy!

I LAVA YOU by HollieBallardArtist

Literally dying!!

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LMAO. Oh, this is so true.

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Sarcasm and Wine quotes quote girly quotes funny quotes humor instagram quotes

Sarcasm and Wine

LOL #starwars #gif

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Probably the greatest gif in the history of forever

9GAG - Why So Serious?

It's Time We Take A Stand

Abolish Sleevery | MERICA MADE

Ron Swanson.

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What would you wish upon your enemies? -

Tom Hiddleston. Love this.

If you need another reason to love him, here it is…

Batman + coffee . Perfection. Thanks Lucrecia Salazar

Bring Coffee! | ChefKey

So true!

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Nutella makes everyone happy :) if you don't like Nutella there is something seriously wrong with you

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Cross stitching at it's best! :)

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Deadlift 300+, can't remove clips... www.jekyllhydeapp...

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But it's true though.

Don’t let your printer know…

Aaaahhhhh!!! by powerpig, via Flickr

70+ Epic Collections of Colorful Lego 2012

Well, that was unexpected... i see what ya did there..

Things split in two…