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Oh Merlin's face...

Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face. Merlin's face shows how truly pissed of he is by this guy's actions too😂

Oh my...

AHHH I totally didn't recognize Colin Morgan being on Doctor Who because I watched this episode way before I watched Merlin!

Got Fandom? Superwhomerlock by on @deviantART

Just summed up my nerdiness in four small pictures: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Supernatural!

Superwholockingers - at the Olympics by ~Star-Jem on deviantART

Superwholockingers - at the Olympics by ~Star-Jem on deviantART.guys i'm DYING there's SASSY NOTICE BOARD.>>>>The notice board in the first pic and the health and safety one in the second to last one.

Doctor Who Merlin

Humor: Doctor Who/Merlin. The only scene from Doctor Who I've ever seen. And it has Colin Morgan .<<<I've never watched merlin but this is wonderful

This is the most accurate post of Uther Pendragon I have EVER seen.

Uther Pendragon in his everyday life is a pretty sparkly princess with no mercy whatsoever.