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Cool facts

Funny pictures about Feel smarter? Oh, and cool pics about Feel smarter? Also, Feel smarter?

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A beautiful black rose -- Black roses exist naturally only at Halfeti, Turkey.

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Few things. the penguin thing: I hope it's true because its heart meltingly sweet.

1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks: Documentary Heaven for free documentaries. Also explore rest of site.

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Yeah, and your sense of humor comes from your first pet and you food allergies from the first child you touched and if you believe this don't reproduce.


The man who made fruit drink powder also created Pixy Stix, Fun-Dip, and Sweetarts all with the same basic recipe - nowyoukno now you kno

How many people have green eyes? wtf fun facts

How many people have green eyes? wtf fun facts, that's weird. I knew blue was rare but not that green was that little too. I'm all resesive genes could have been blond or red haired, and green or blue eyes.