ART is iNspiration

As an artist, you cannot pretend you live and work in a world of isolation, unaffected by other artists of the past or present. You need to embrace these other artists, their methods, their style, their whatever. You need to say yes, this is how I am working, and they are/were working in a similar way....or they are doing something completely different, but I admire it.
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Amazing perspective.

Obsessed with this guys work right now - Helge Windisch; Oil, Painting "berliner himmel" Go to Italy and have an amazing oil paint made for me of a beautiful landscape


Woodland Leaves limited edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf - DIY Journaling

Pablo S Herrero | ink on paper

pablo s. herrero (The Jealous Curator)

Spanish artist Pablo S. ink on paper pieces.

Love the solid block of colour.

Solid color block in dynamic relationship with carved block.

Michael Mew - Peony, paint, collage on panel, 60x45

The artist, Michael Mew said : No masking in this piece. You can see where I used white (beige) paint to go back over the orange in some areas, then once the flower is drawn I go back in with the orange and paint in the negative space behind the flower

"West coast Wild Fennel"

West coast Wild Fennel by Michelle Morin // Art

Original Desc: "Dan Mountford illustration." This is such an amazing illustration. It inspires me to make me own modern interpretation of such a contemporary piece.

Shop Dan Mountford Strukt 001 Wall Art at Urban Outfitters today.


insert little bits of ads into an image/text Collage from exo. (whats the inspiration behind what this artist puts over the face?

Rhythms of Reflected Shorelines. Hand-dyed threads. Helena Emmans.

Rhythms of Reflected Shorelines / hand-dyed threads / Helena Emmans.

Paintings and Pastels — KARIN HAAS

New York City-based artist Karin Haas creates these paintings and pastels that remind me of the sweltering southwestern United States.

'Tassel Hyacinth', watercolour, drawing, Angie Lewin, nature, design, pattern, illustration, colour, flowers

'Tassel Hyacinth' - watercolour drawing by Angie Lewin

Pear tree

Inspiration: Pear Tree, by Jill Labieniec

Lesley Richmond

A close-up detail of intricate textile work by artist Lesley Richmond

Abstracted Woodland 2 by Natalie Ratcliffe - gum arabic and silk screen print

Abstracted Woodland 2 Wallpaper from the Paper Bouquet Collection - Natalie Ratcliffe Gum Arabic and Silk Screen Print

Floral Design

Floral graphic pattern for needlework or whatever your craft project is

Jane Bellows, “Falling Grace I”

Jane Bellows, “Falling Grace I” nice use of neutrals