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Julia Clifford
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Thank you-5SOS<3 <3

They got me out of my depression, and I will always be so grateful for them. I love you boys, to the moon and back :)


My Chemical Romance Pierce the Veil Sleeping With Sirens Black Veil Brides Panic! At the Disco Fall Out Boy

We don't care if you think that we're "losers" because 'we're alright though' and happy to be US! Thank you for telling the world that we are stronger than they think, through an amazing song - Little Me

the grandfathers, the fathers, the sons. green Day to All Time Low to 5 Seconds Of Summer<< im for real crying. they look up to them just like a son would look up to his dad and/or grandfather and it makes me so happy :')<<< this pin is my life


Even if I didn't see the earpieces, the jawlines give them away<< so true lol. Also, fun fact, Luke's probably going to go deaf in his right ear because he never wears his inner ear.