Ziegfeld girl, 1920s

Jean Ackerman - - Ziegfeld by Alfred Cheney Johnston>> I'm not into girls sexually but these vintage erotica photos are breath taking and gorgeous

Anna Draper, first known photographic portrait of a lady. Who would've thought that the first two people immortalized by a camera would have been so good-looking?

Anna Katherine Draper Before the recent discovery of the Cornelius photo, this was the oldest known photograph portrait, made by Dr. Joseph Draper of New York in The subject is his sister, Anna Katherine Draper.

Douche with Lysol and your husband will love you again!

We've come a long way, baby! Lysol was marketed as a douche that women could use to safeguard her dainty feminine allure and save her marriage from the ravages of normal vaginal functions. rofl-said-scooby-doo

Exotic Dancers, 1890s | Retronaut

Horse OR unicorn inspiration. Vintage burlesque dancer, "The Devil's Auction" (stage/theater).

Phantom Corsair, 1938

The 1938 Phantom Corsair (prototype) by Rust Heinz for the Rust Heinz / Maurice Schwartz Coachbuilding Company

Jewelled skeletons, 1600s

Taken from the catacombs of Rome in the century, the relics of twelve martyred saints were then attired in the regalia of the period before being interred in a remote church on the German/Czech border.’ By Toby de Silva

FAO Schwarz Toy Catalogue, 1967 | Retronaut

fao schwarz toy catalogue, 1967 via retronaut. (divides source images/inspiration by the decade.

Robert Cornelius, the first photographed human face. Not a bad one, eh?

Philadelphia, November "Robert Cornelius, self-portrait The first light-picture ever taken. this quarter-plate daguerreotype is said to be the earliest photographic portrait of a person.

Muhammed Ali

Yousuf Karsh — photography - Yousuf Karsh was a Canadian photographer of Armenian heritage, and one of the most famous and accomplished portrait photographers of all time.