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People I Wish Would Go Away

People I Wish Would Go Away

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red hair Francesco Paladino Paladino Salomone, Brittany Horton Horton Wilson ...what do u think about this for a weekend project?

Donald Trump

Suri Cruise: I wish the paparazzi would leave this kid alone and just let her be a kid.

Tom Cruise

Katy Perry - stop trying so hard

Gwenyth Paltrow

  • Eliza Merritt
    Eliza Merritt

    Why do you wish Gwenyth Paltrow would go away?

  • Molly L
    Molly L

    Years ago I watched her on a Tonight Show/Late Show interview say something to the effect of, "I think God made us able to tan, because we look so much more beautiful that when we're tan." Umm... no. Numerous dumb quotes have come since then, and need I remind anyone that she named her daughter Apple? Plus, she needs to leave the singing to her husband.

Minnesota. Would you please go "explore Minnesota" for some people who can carry a tune???

"Solidarity Singers" in the Capitol Rotunda. Singing to your legislators (aka "petitioning your government") hasn't been very effective in the last year and a half. You just make the rest of the people fighting for your cause look crazy. You are the ones who get broadcast on the news around the state and make everyone think we're hippies. Please, do something more productive like campaigning or fundraising - anything!

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom. I just don't care.

Sums it up perfectly

Kristen Stewart: I will give her credit for cracking a smile in this photo though.

Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking — Did She Inspire Robert Pattinson?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West... Should I be surprised that one person I want to go away is dating another person whom I want to go away? Sigh.

  • Molly L
    Molly L

    Oh great, they're having a baby... now they'll be an annoying trifecta.

  • Wendy Hiott
    Wendy Hiott


Beyonce, Jay-Z & Baby Blue Ivy. You reproduced... way to go.

Ashton Kutcher

Yes, all of them.

Snooki... and the entire cast of Jersey Shore

Bristol Palin: People will see the real me in 'Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp' - Reality TV World

  • Molly L
    Molly L

    I've seen quite enough of you already.