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    Hi I am dog:)

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    Haha, every time!

    Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

    I say this at least once a day… =/

    Ramblings of a Jawja Bluesman

    Raccoons are so adorable and I love it when they act like people! Look at this little guy carrying a kitty!

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    50 most WTF animal pics of the year. 24 made me laugh for a good minute.

    50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

    They’ll Never Believe You // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

    They’ll Never Believe You

    This cannot be true!!! Lol

    Aging Is In The Mind

    I'm dying!!

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    18 Extremely Bizarre Children's Books You Don't Want To Read

    42 Hilariously Inappropriate Children's Books You'll Want To Read

    The designer who forgot the point of having doors on the bathroom stalls. | 21 Designers Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job

    21 Designers Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job
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    Takes a real man to treat a woman right

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    what a coincidence! And if it's so great, why or why did god deny us it for 48,000 years - ie (modern man has been on this earth for 50,000 years......and anatomically modern man, for at least 200,000) so so stupid....

    KONY 2012: Is the Viral Campaign a Scam?

    Do you need assistance sir?

    Do you need assistance sir?

    More often than not... #redheads

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    23 Funny Names of Real People! Be glad you don't have a name like these!

    23 Funny Names of Real People!

    yeah, I'd much rather trust information gathered from scientific inquiry (which can be verified!!!), than from a book written ages ago, before people had an understanding of the universe. And let's face it, even if your "bible" started out as fact, all of those translations over the years - shit gets changed!!! ANY translation is open to misinterpretation. And don't forget the intentional re-interpretations because somebody didn't like a certain something in the bible.

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    Because eating it was my first instinct!!

    Thank god for those warnings | Epic LOL

    The tag. I laughed so hard.

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    Poor phetevn. - LOL Wall Funny pictures, photos and more


    Definitely not a good idea…

    Can't stop laughing

    This wasn’t a good idea…

    I can't stop laughing!!!!

    A guide for really bad parents…

    can't stop laughing

    Twitter / hockeymemes: Hockey fails:

    I laughed so hard at this...

    Batman butt signal…