The Vampire Diaries | Ian Somerhalder

Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries. All I can say is YUM! So sexy!

Jamie Dornan... Words not necessary

Jamie Dornan star of 50 Shades of Grey - Christian Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy - erotic love story - film - movie - book

Don't worry, I choked on air when I first saw him too. Pretty much the most beautiful guy I have ever laid eyes on.

Which Model Is Most Likely To Be Your Future Boyfriend?

Joshua Anthony Brand- with his black hair, pale skin, and angular features, thought he would be a good casting for Adamus Sutekh if he had black eyes(and if they make a movie, obviously).

Ian Somerhalder kissing a puppy. So many things to love about this.

After watching The Duff today, Robbie Amell has defo earned his way onto the Holy Hotness Board!

After watching The Duff, Robbie Amell has earned his way onto the list ;