Such care. Much love. Very protect…

I want a dog (and a baby) like this. So sweet. {A dog with a new born baby--A new baby is born 2 weeks ago. This dog has decided that she is his and stays as close as he can to her at all times.


Restore Your Faith In Humanity. (only things wrong w this is the person talkin about being charitable I don't like that do your alms in silence . Also bagel Jesus? How about bagel guy?

Funny pictures about Faith In Police Restored. Oh, and cool pics about Faith In Police Restored. Also, Faith In Police Restored photos.

So sad but so beautiful how the baby's big brother plays in the sandbox to play with him I'm really crying! Why is life so sad at times?

Heartwarming- A girl saw this man, bought him a lunch, and fed him the lunch she bought him. Faith in humanity restored!

This little boy is soooo sweet. Most little boys would rather die then get a pink cast. We all need the support that he has. Rock on, young one. We are proud of you! Not all males are corrupted and see girls as worthless

Gives me hope also I dont want to see a picture of a nude girl get more likes and responds than than this because this is beautiful and dont you dare forget it!

The Rescuing Hug. I have a twin sister and you really don't know how strong a bond two people can share unless you have a twin. Twins share an unbreakable bond. I love my twin more than life itself.