St. Patrick's Day - Short/Long Vowel Sort Freebie

1st Grade Fantabulous: Five for Friday... I mean Saturday

Freebie Phonics Charts

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Phonics Charts for Guided Reading and Writing

Step 22 of Phonics With Diphthong (oy) and (oi) Part 3

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short i cvc words

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Between the Lions: "When Two Vowels Go Walking" My kiddos love it!!!

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Long vowel poems

The Inspired Apple: Long Vowel Poems

Short & Long vowel clip it activity

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Phonics Word Sort Mega Packet $

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Phonics Word Sort Mega Packet

long vowel video

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Phonics Dance

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Activity perfect for centers: ow & ou, spelling practice, word work, or independent work time. Students are able to practice identifying, writ...

Highlight-a-Word /ow/ and /ou/

Wrote another pinner: I learned this cute song at a workshop. It's a great way to get those kinesthetic learners learning and moving. While students sing the song, they shake the same body part.

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Short vowels: "Shake it" short vowel sounds poem

Short vowel book

Conversations in Literacy

Help the dog find his bones!! This activity is a long o word sort. It has students working with words with the vowel patterns of oa and o__e. Stude...

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Long o Where's my bone? word sort for centers/small group

What we've been up too... and LOTS OF FREEBIES! as seen on First Grade Faculty

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short vowels, printable

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Short Vowels

Vowel team song and cards

Classroom Freebies: One Million Vowel Teams

Iphone printable for Long I sounds

Classroom Freebies: Iphone printable for Long I sounds

Two vowels

tattling to the teacher

Letter y

Letter "Y" Phonics sound chart

This Words Their Way inspired word sort focuses on less common long a words (ay, ey, eigh, ea). There are 16 words to sort and a homework sheet inc...

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This is a long E word sort inspired by Words Their Way. Students have to sort words into four groups: ee, ea, e_e, and oddballs. I have included an...

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I love my Lets Make Words Books, but sometimes I just want to focus on one word family. I use these pages with dry erase markers in a plastic pouch...

Words Under Construction-Make Word Family Words-Short o-FREEBIE

Vowel Song- for my many that struggle with vowel sounds.


Long U/Short U Sort

Whatta day!