Interracial couples happen world... Get over it. Submit photos and videos of your love, bae or even best friend! Ask questions and share your story of any interracial love.

Eyy I suck at description things! Yo I'm Hannah and I'm a cool kid. Ha. Oh yeah, I draw sometimes and Tobey Maguire is an absolute bae. Also I almost sneezed just now and I'm really dissapointed that...

I thought I knew everything until the day I realized I knew absolutely nothing at all. Beyonce. Rihanna. Black Women. Africans. Afican Culture. Things that Look African. I got it all here! (i own none of the images posted here unless otherwise stated.)

Drakes words depict life in reality and how difficult it is to become successful. He describes how hard people work but rarely ever succeed. His lyrics are real and I think that his music is calming to me. He is my favourite artist and always will be.

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Justin Timberlake - always seems like a gracious personality, who has real talent and also knows how to have a good time. He can do so many things, but never takes himself too seriously and comes off as very loveable for that very reason.

Comedy Central Roast of James Franco (TV Movie photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.