How to make your teeth "snow white". Funny thing is this is also how to pass a swab test

If you have blue eyes, there are certain tips that you can follow and create the most glamorous party makeup.

5 party makeup ideas for blue eyes

Try this step-by-step tutorial for a natural nude smokey eye, featuring COVERGIRL Eyeshadow Quads in Notice Me Nudes. The COVERGIRL Eyeshadow Quads palette makes it easy.

I was really skeptical about this but I looked it up & it apparently works & has lasting effects! DIY Hair Removal!

DIY Honey Lemon Facial Hair Removal Wonder if I can do this with agave instead? This only work for facial hair?

Hair treatment for damaged hair

Olive Oil Treatment for Damaged hair From source: ".Repeat once or twice a week for best results ~ You can also use honey, olive oil, and egg as a face mask for sexii, glowing skin!

How to Remove Hair from your Upper Lip with 7 Home Remedies

How to Remove Hair from your Upper Lip with 7 Home Remedies

If you're tired of going to the cosmetician all the time because your hair is growing too fast, slow down the hair growth process and eliminate hair from you upper lip with these methods.

Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil & Epsom Salt Bath to bring balance back into your being.