Capricorn, for FuN

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Stay outta my shell. I'll open the door when I feel like it.

it's hard to get a capricorn out of their shell, but its even harder to get in their shell with them. if they let you in, it means a lot. Very true for this Capricorn.

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Capricorn - hardly cry but yes I hold things in way too long and usually cry from anger. and this is why I think sometimes I'm more Capricorn than Sag. born right on the border.

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Not completely true, but it IS a pretty big thing. I can be pretty dramatic haha.

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So true - recently my boss told me to lower my expectations of my job & the company 👿 like that's ever gonna happen - Capricorn's never surrender!

A Capricorn has two different personalities

Yes, I posses both qualities and more lots more . Which one comes out depends on the situation and it also depends on the Environment stage I see . Thoughts of the day jmg