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TINY: A Story About Living Small (2013)

TINY- An absolutely beautiful documentary about embracing a smaller space, getting rid of the excess, & truly loving your life in a tiny home. Family-friendly & available on Netflix.


TINY: A Story About Living Small (2013)

Two totally different men. Both overweight. Both on heavy doses of prescription medication. Both heading towards early death. What if they pledged 60 days to only drinking juice made from fruits & vegetables? How would that transform their lives? How would that transform their hearts? Absolutely eye-opening about the power of real food. (Available on Instant Stream on Netflix)


Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Online | Netflix

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Blackfish (2013)

One of the most fascinating and heart-wrenching documentaries I have ever seen on killer whales that are kept in captivity and how these orca whales can react to not being in their ocean home. Available on Netflix.


Blackfish (2013)

Our whole family fell in love with this documentary about Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind the beloved Elmo. A feel good story of how Kevin never gave up on his dreams of working as a puppeteer even when his peers made fun of him. This has a wonderful message for children that if you work hard your dreams really can come true. Can't say enough about how great this one is (available for Instant Streaming on Netflix)


Watch Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey Online | Netflix

Jiro Dreams of Sushi- An AMAZING documentary about an 85-year-old sushi master who has become a legacy in Tokyo for creating the world's most perfect sushi and is training his son to take over his legacy when he retires. Inspiring story that would be great for a family documentary night!


Watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi Online | Netflix

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This documentary is family-friendly and so fun to watch. Weaving in the history of the actual board game along with a worldwide Monopoly Board Game competition, kids and adults will flip for this one. Fans of Wordplay, Word Wars, or Spellbound will especially love this documentary!


Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story | Netflix

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Monica & David (2009)

Explores the marriage of a young couple with Down syndrome, and the family who strives to support their needs. Available on Netflix.


Monica & David (2009)

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Herb & Dorothy (2008)

He was a postal clerk. She was a librarian. With their modest means, the couple managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in the world. Available on Netflix.


Herb & Dorothy (2008)

Told from the perspective of two 11 year-old girls, this documentary explores the politics of food in America. These sweet girls interview everyone from farmers to school officials to chefs to ordinary people to find out how food is grown & how the choices we make impact our bodies and other Americans. A great balance of illustrated segments with thoughtful commentary. This one lead to a great discussion on making better choices about where our food comes from. (on Netflix Instant Stream)


What's on Your Plate? | Netflix

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It's a Girl! (2012)

Every year in India and China, millions of babies are killed, neglected or abandoned simply because they are girls. This documentary explores women's rights (and lack of them) in these countries.


It's a Girl! (2012)