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Me to a T

Me to a T

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Labyrinth Movie And Book Door Knocker Earings- silvered material instead of the bronzed look, and they're totally me!

Labyrinth Movie And Book Door Knocker Earings

Well that's adorable

Um, yes. ❤️

Myths about introverts. Love this.

Nerd bars!! We could have TARDISes as photo booths and battle of the anime weapons and a Hoth cantina! Homestuck would have a hard time being put together, and would have a little area where if you cross it, you have to to strife

I love this!

This is just too cool.

: Photo


Southern language. Love it!

We all need books and fairy dust....



This crinkle crankle wall in Suffolk economizes on bricks, despite its sinuous configuration, because it can be made just one brick thin. If a wall this thin were to be made in a straight line, without buttresses, it would easily topple over. The alternate convex and concave curves in the wall provide stability and help it to resist lateral forces. The term is thought to come from Old English meaning zig-zag.

Telephone boxes turned into mini libraries. Do this here!!!

The Book Was Better Tee

I mean, it's ok, but it's not like I want the book BECAUSE they're making it into a movie.

25 Signs You're Addicted to Books. This is me. I admit it.

Highly edited images and their origins…

In the south, "Aren't you precious" translates to "At least you're mama thinks your pretty" and "Bless your heart" translates to "Can you really be that stupid"

398.2 is the fairy tale section for the Dewey Decimal cute and so nerdy- I absolutely need this.

Love the script fabric on the corset. Would be cute for a steampunk librarian outfit.

I haven't always hated people... Many years in customer service made me this way.

home is wherever my bunch of crazies are

"The Lady of Shallott" (1888), by John William Waterhouse