That was always my goal

Yes - the old metal swing sets! We'd swing so high pokes would start lifting out of ground.


Polyester night gowns with Garfield and football number.

metal jungle gym :) no plastic here. I can't believe all the"dangerous" tricks I used to do on those bars! Yikes!

metal jungle gym :) no plastic here. I used to be able to spin around and around on the horizontal bar on our school playground, which was over concrete! In fact the entire playground was metal and concrete!

We had one of these

Another awesome pasttime. You and your friend each sit on a seat facing each other and rock. Mine was on a swing set, so I could also stand in the center and swing if I was alone :)

I can't remember his name, but I had one and LOVED mine!

We had this monkey around when I was a kid. I think it belonged to my brother Dave, although we did call my little sister monkey.

Bounty paper towels, "the quicker picker-upper." Rosie from 1970 to 1990

Bounty paper towels, "the quicker picker-upper." Rosie from 1970 to 1990 . I remember Rosie very well. Nancy Walker was Rosie and also played Rhoda's Mom on TV

Vintage Toy Ad for Atari - 1980s

Vintage Toy Advertisements of the We were so excited to get this for our family, so neat at that time! We all loved to play!

Fuzzy bear pin

Miniature Brown Flocked Teddy Bear Pins - Bears and Bunnies - Doll Making Supplies - Craft Supplies

Vintage park wooden child swing.---You had to raise the bar up to put the child in.

These were the only swings in all public parks in the Slide the wooden bar down after the child was seated. The later models were the same except made of metal linked chains to attach to the hooks on the chair and the metal draw-down protector