so pretty

pink diamond and rose gold. Cushion-cut peach champagne sapphire with diamond halo in rose gold. I'm in love.

to die

Cushion peach champagne sapphire in rose gold diamond ring via Etsy. round Peach sapphire Champagne sapphire by EidelPrecio.

I long to go to Italy someday...

Ahh, Venice and if I'm not mistaken, the Rialto Bridge. We walked that bridge, took a Gondola ride around the city, and had the best pizza I've ever had.

I drool. All silver Leica.

Leica IIIG (ca + Summarex (ca. with optional viewfinder and lens hood. Not something I would buy, but it is one beautiful camera, like most Leicas are.

I really want a room like this in my house one day

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Manolo? Yes, please!

Classic, definitely a safe investment, real estate be darned.

Oh, this is great!

This is my kinda scrapbooking room! Room for everything! all i need to do is go shopping to fill it up!


My dream home true room. Always, always wanted a room with tons of books and a ladder. I am sure this is a room somewhere in Heaven.

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