Water marbles! Crazy how a few kitchen ingredients will make these. Weird, I can't wait to try.

A fun science experiment you can make with the kiddos! Make these fun Water Marbles using a few simple kitchen ingredients: baking soda, vinegar,and salt!

i love you this much

Crafts for Kids: "I Love You This Much" Hand Print Card Craft. Great idea for Mother's Day!

activities for summer

screen free week kids activities

_Are you, could you, dare you join in Screen-Free Week this week? Do your kids have too much screen time? Do you? 100 fun kids activities you could try this week as a family whether you're inspired to spend an hour, a day or the whole week screen free.

how to draw animals

This is a fun step-by-step cartoon animal drawing tutorial--great for kids who like to draw!

Road Trip binder for kids. Great idea! So fun!!!!!!

Road Trip Binder for Kids.fabulous roadtrip binders full of fun activities to give kids something to do in the car

cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun

cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun! We pieced together TP and paper towel tubes. Used marbles. The kiddo loved it and even still pulls it out to roll the marbles into a dump truck. He wont' let me toss any cardboard tubes now.

Bows and arrows that really shoot far from popsicle sticks, dental floss, and q tips!

Rainy day craft that will keep your kids happy & entertained.Bow & arrow toy - made from Popsicle sticks, dental floss, Q-tips Almost Unschoolers: craft projects

This site has tons of really cool button projects!

Fifth project- Simple art project. Hand sewing, embroidery and button/beading sewing. Sewing as art;

Another easy activity - ice cube painting at Share & Remember - just uses water, watercolor paints and a freezer.

Ice cube painting - freeze watercolors & then have the kids paint with the melting ice cubes on fabric, an old white sheet or papers. Or use food coloring in the cubes and decorate the snowman!

instructions to make ornaments from legos. so cool.

Instructions to Instructions to make Christmas ornaments from Legos. Includes Star Wars ones!maChristmas ornaments from Legos. Includes Star Wars ones!

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