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The Aztecs carved thousands of images of their gods in stones ranging from much-valued greenstones to ordinary volcanic rock. Sculptures like the present example were probably set up in household shrines where they were worshipped in family settings rather than in public ceremonies. Frequently portrayed Aztec deities are fertility goddesses, which include the water goddess Chalchihuitlicue ("she of the jade skirt") depicted here. Identifying elements of the water goddess are the distinctive…


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Gardening Ideas ( Need to put my concrete face in my pavers or in the rocks of my pondless water feature.)


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The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in the town of Wieliczka in southern Poland, lies within the Kraków metropolitan area. Built in the 13th century, it produced table salt until 2007. Today, the mine's attractions include dozens of statues and an entire chapel that has been carved out of the rock salt by the miners. The oldest sculptures are augmented by the new carvings by actual artists. About 1.2 million people visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine annually.


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