Learning Objectives display shows the WHAT of learning (the objectives), the WHY of learning (connection to overall Unit understanding) and the HOW of learning (indicators of success).

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Tips on motivating high school students and a free pack of motivational warm-ups.

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No Homework Binder--Each student has a blank page in the binder. The student must write the date, assignment, and reason for not having it on their page for each forgotten assignment. Keeps track of # missing and reasons. Great management tool!

Teach Bake Love: No Homework Binder


Faulkner's Fast Five: Surviving Back to School: 5 Ways to Stay Alive During the First Weeks Back | High School Classroom Management

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I think I'm going to move to finland so my kid has less a chance of being an obnoxious little shit... Why There's No Homework In Finland...

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This Behavior Management Plan, specifically tailored to Middle School and High School, includes dozens of behaviors and interventions, classified into four tiers to help you scaffold interventions as behaviors escalate or de-escalate. Decrease off-task behaviors and increase learning with these best practices! #classroommanagement #behaviormanagement

Classroom Management: Four-Tier Behavior Management Plan


Play "Attack" with your students! It's a review game that can be used in any subject that your middle school students will be begging to play! FREE instructions

Attack - A FREE Review Game for the Secondary Classroom


I LOVE how she used her board so that each subject can stay up throughout the day. A genius professor of mine once said that elementary school should not feel like a segmented day, "Ok we're done with that now next is this.." It should flow from one to another. This board organization would really help the flow of the day...

Clutter-Free Classroom: Designated Chart Spaces {INSPIRED}


Make pocket wallets out of regular folders to store index cards and the like. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks


20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know Infographic

20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know | Visual.ly


Student Data Folders - Editable! from Briana Beverly on TeachersNotebook.com - (115 pages) - These data folders are student-friendly and designed so that students can independently track their own data and set learning goals.

Student Data Folders - Editable! |


Over 15 classroom theme designs to choose from with loads of materials to create a bright learning environment $

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Definitely organized! Love the organization idea at each desk. The wire baskets could be cubbies and the red bins could hold extra supplies for each table grouping and each tables supplies they use could be stored in a caddy. I am so doing this for next year!

Julington Creek Elementary School -


BE...great open house idea for hallway

Counseling with Confidence: First Day Tomorrow!


Ideas to Organize Your Classroom Library

Mission Organization: 21 Ideas to Organize Your Classroom Library


This site is FILLED with room set-ups! Don't say I didn't warn you! You'll be on this site for hours!!!

Room Setup - The School Supply Addict


Lesson Plan Book. Pinning this now, look at closer later. This teacher is brilliant!

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clever classroom sign

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Grab this FREE weekly to-do list and enter a 100th post giveaway! Live. Love. Math.

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Twister Review and Game Board Day!

Twister Review and Game Board Day!


Use a box, research an artist, draw one side, write one side, use a real picture one side, maybe a timeline.

UnBoxed: online issue 4, fall 2009


Information on Using Sticky Notes In the Classroom!

HoJos Teaching Adventures: Using Sticky Notes In the Classroom


35 Money-Saving Classroom DIYs For Teachers On A Budget - GENIUS! Also see: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/clever-organization-hacks-for-elementary-school-teachers

35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget


Self Evaluation + Exit Ticket - what a great idea!

Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls


Cute letters with $2.00 wooden letters from Walmart and book pages.

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