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My five-year-old daughter meets Pinterest. These pins are the result of her search requests, her selections and her quotes exactly. So much Frozen.

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"I like these princess cookies because they are all my favorite princesses as kids."

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Look at that Anna dress! It's SO BEAUTIFUL. It's cupcakes!

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"I like that one. I like her hairdo and her outfit."

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The 7 stages of a Frozen obsession:

The Seven Stages of a Frozen Obsession - Mommy Shorts

"That's an Olaf cupcake and an Anna cupcake and an Elsa cupcake!"

Disney FROZEN Anna, Elsa and Olaf Cupcakes!

"That looks like a rainbow smoothie and I wish I could eat it!"

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"I like it because all the colors are sticking out."

Bird On A Cake: Rainbow Petal Cake {Virtual Baby Shower!}

"That rainbow cupcake! I wish I could eat it! And it has pink too!"

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  • Stacy Partridge
    Stacy Partridge

    I could make these!!

"Are those tutus on marshmallows, Mommy?"

Ballerina Mallows
  • Karyn Vratimos
    Karyn Vratimos

    Love it! ❤️

"it's a video!!! On my iPad!!! I like this because it's a video on my iPad."

How To: Make A Disney Frozen Princess Cake
  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa Rodriguez

    Kristen Black

"It looks like a yummy cake and it looks like a dress with a real crown and a real wand!"

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"Oh! I didn't know Elsa and Anna dolls were in a cake!"

Birthday Cakes Elsa In Frozen | Party Invitations Ideas

"Oh! A sparkly pink elephant!"

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"I love it because it's a cute cat and it's wearing a crown."

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"She looks Minnie Mouse, she has a pink dress, she looks like a person and I don't know if she's made out of play-doh."

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"Yum yum yum yum yum yum.... I love it because it's a pink heart cookie!"

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"OOOHHHH!!!! It has pink lights and it's all PINK!"

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"I love this because it has lollipops and it's pink."

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"Did they make that cake out of a doughnut?!"

DIY: Igloo Cake Tutorial

This is the outfit my 4yo daughter picked out herself from Mini Boden. The great thing is— with Mini Boden your kids really can't go wrong!

Say Hello to Spring and Goodbye to Harlow's Jacket - Mommy Shorts

Mazzy is a flower girl today and asked me to make this triple braided bun for the occasion. Wish me luck!

Triple Braided Bun With Flower Crown - Barefoot Blonde
  • Ash.

    Saw your pics on Instagram, great job!!

MAZZY: Look at that one! It's Elsa and Anna when they were kids building a snowman! I think Elsa is three and Anna is two. ME: How old is Olaf? MAZZY: Hahaha! Olaf is just a snowman! #mazzyspins

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  • JoAnn M. H.
    JoAnn M. H.

    just so you know, my three year old wont let me scroll down now.

"I want to look at Frozen cakes. THAT ONE! I like it because it is Anna and Elsa. Stuck together. Yeah. Thats all I want to say about it." #mazzyspins

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"GASP! Look at that! Is it good??? I like the little pink butterfly. It's all pink." #mazzyspins

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"Ah!!! Tinkerbell! I love her dress. It's a cake with a toy in it, right? I want to say something else about it. There is a little white on the bottom and she is wearing a black headband. It's Tinkerbell without her wings. And she's not a fairy. She's a princess!" #mazzyspins

Night Baking: tinkerbell doll cake