Butterbeers. So good!! Can't wait to make these at home!!! The frozen kind was my favourite :)

How to Make Butterbeer, Universal Style!


Hop skip and go naked: lemonade, beer, and vodka. Yum! Aka pink panty droppers. Yummm. I'm not a huge drinker, but this is the best drink I've ever had..

H is for: Hop, Skip and Go {Naked}


Slippery Panties (1 shot vanilla vodka 1 shot butterscotch schnapps 1 shot hazelnut liqueur)

A Year of Cocktails


6 Brussels Sprouts Recipes That Will Change Your Life via @PureWow

6 Brussels Sprouts Recipes That Will Change Your Life via @PureWow


Caramel Apple Shooter: 1/2 oz butterscotch schnapps + 1/2 oz sour apple pucker

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Caramel Apple Shooter


Pink Starburst Shot 1 oz Vanilla Vodka 1 oz Watermelon Pucker 1 oz Sweet & Sour

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This is exactly how I make mine, the only way I'll drink them, and in my opinion, the ONLY way to make a margarita! Classic Margarita Recipe

How to Make a Margarita


Strawberry Mango Margaritas - YUM

Strawberry Mango Margaritas - Baker by Nature


This classic Amaretto Sour is a popular cocktail. Combining citrus flavors with Amaretto and everyone’s favorite maraschino cherries.

Amaretto Sour - Real Housemoms


How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe

How To Make Your Own Sour Mix - A Beautiful Mess


A variation of the famous Sex on the Beach recipe with a beautiful blue color.

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Sex in the Driveway | Cocktail Recipes


My all time fav mixed drink ever.. amaretto, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice..the best so DELISH!!!!!

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Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe - Recipes Alchemy


Electric Lemonade {1 1/2 oz. Vodka or Rum, 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix, 7-Up or Sprite, and a Lemon Slice}

Electric Lemonade


Fruit Tingle - vodka +blue curacao + raspberry cordial or grenadine. Top with lemonade or 7up and add cherries and blueberries.

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Rock candy champagne cocktails. Yyyyeeeesssss.

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A Cape Cod Bridal Shower


This Gingerbread White Russian is the perfect holiday cocktail full of rich coffee flavor mixed with a sweet molasses drizzle. #cocktail #christmas

Gingerbread White Russian - Running to the Kitchen


Summer is coming! Here's some refreshing "adult beverage" Be sure to Follow me on facebook if you like recipes ☆ Follow me ---https://www.facebook.com/holly.capron.5?ref=tn_tnmn

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Health and Wealth


Jolly Rancher Martinis

Jolly Rancher Martinis


DISARONNO Apple Cobbler Ingredients: 2 ounce DISARONNO® 1 ounce whole berry cranberry juice not from concentrate/no sugar added 3/4 ounce fresh unfiltered/unpasturized apple juice 1/4 ounce fresh lemon juice 2 dashes Peychauds bitters 1 red apple, sliced for garnish Directions: Combine all ingredients in shaker, shake vigorously with ice. Fine strain into cocktail glass.

Festive and Fit Thanksgiving Cocktails


Apple Pie Sangria - The Cookie Rookie -2 bottles of #BulletinPlace Moscato -5 cups fresh apple cider (or for more punch use #Billie's Hard Apple Cider form New Zealand!) -2 cups club soda -1 cup caramel vodka -4 honey crisp apples, chopped -3 pears, chopped -2 cinnamon sticks

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Apple Pie Sangria - The Cookie Rookie


e is for eat: H is for: Hop, Skip and Go {Naked}

e is for eat: H is for: Hop, Skip and Go {Naked}


I would make a virgin version of this an use Peach Nectar since I don't drink alcohol.

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Emily Chriswell

Sangria Swirl Margaritas

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Coconut Rum Soaked Pineapple! To snack on by the pool or on the beach!! YUM!!! Why have I not thought of this before?!?!? Is it summer yet?!?!

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Adult Capri Suns--Bag o' (vodka) lemonade - perfect for the beach or pool! best idea ever. Pure stinkin genius. Freeze it first and take to beach and squeeze to make it slushy--this way it won't get watered down:)

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