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True story: when grace told me about this over the phone...I was picturing real birds😳😔. I even said "how are they even staying on their little bird faces?" I was especially impressed when she mentioned the monocle!


printable thanksgiving worksheet

thanksgiving is only a week away now, so you know i had to design a printable for the occasion. a few years ago i did a thanksgiving bingo, and that was fun, so i wanted to do something else intera…

Infographic: What Makes an Infographic Bad and How to Make it Better #infographic

What Makes an Infographic Bad and How to Make it Better #infographic

wow design We like this design because the way the text is aligned draws the eye to all of the features in the package. We could use the text as inspiration to frame our text around our pictures or headlines.

studypetals: 4.4.16+3:50pm // 28/100 days of productivity // made a title + subheaders reference page since i needed some inspiration for my notes. hope you find it useful, too!

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