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cinnamon in gardening

Spice it up! Why plants love cinnamon

How To Kill Poison Ivy and Remove It As Well As Prevent Regrowth - Dead plants and vines can still cause an allergic reaction up to two years later. The roots of the plant are over 1,000 times more toxic than the leaves and vine. The entire poison ivy plant is toxic.

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Plants

these flower pots are a cute and easy craft that boosts brain power!

Houseplants That'll Make You Smarter - Classic Play!

Wish I would have know this trick over 4 years ago. It would have saved countless hours of taking sod out & would have produced healthy soil also! Put cardboard & compost over grass in fall & by spring... you have healthy beds to plant in!

Goodbye Grass, Hello Garden

Soil Erosion Experiment This might look like such a simple experiment but it will definitely show the importance of having vegetation covering the soil to your kids! They will love this hands on experiment!

Life is a Garden - Soil Erosion Experiment

What Not to Plant Together – Gardening Tips

What Not to Plant Together – Gardening Tips | Our Home Sweet Home

When Should I Start My Seeds? Seed starting tips and printable seed starting calendar. #seedstarting

When should I start my seeds? Printable seed starting calendar

It's okay to dream about your spring garden in the dead of winter! Here are tips to help you get ready for planting season.

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Even if you don't have a backyard or a spacious kitchen, you can have an herb garden using mason jars!

Transformed :: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Thinking of maybe hiding some of these in the veggie patch at some point.

Ladybug Rocks | Parenting

Got apples? How to build a cider press on #tutorial #diy #homesteading

How to build a cider press and harvest apple juice | Simple Bites

Old hose to hold together a temporary row shelter in the garden

PolyTunnel Tutorial -

making seed bombs

Heavy Petal » Step-by-step: How to make seed balls

How to Start Plants from Cuttings

Starting Plant Cuttings – How To Root Cuttings From Plants

Homemade Non-Toxic Wasp Spray / Repellant : combine together in a squirt bottle 2 cups of water + 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil + 1 teaspoon of dish soap (optional); wait until early morning or late evening hours when it looks like they’re sleeping, then shake and spray! You might need to apply the solution twice, but they will fall to the ground and die within seconds. Talk about a natural remedy!

How to get rid of wasps naturally - Natural Thrifty

Gardening Tips

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Fall is the time to improve your soil for next year's crop. Use these 10 tips to improve your soil for spring planting. Super easy, but you need to do them now.

Podcast Fall Garden Prep 10 Tips to Improve Your Soil Now

Seed Catalogs You May No Know...But Should! #gardening #squarefootgarden #backyardfarm

Seed Catalogs You May Not Know

How to make a Planter's Yardstick

Planter's Yardstick - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Cornmeal - Natural Weed Killer - 9 Ways to a No-Weeds Garden - Bob Vila

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A Quick and Easy Fruit Picker

A Quick and Easy Fruit Picker


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How to grow peaches from seed

Florida Survival Gardening

Mineral Restoration of Your Garden Soil Part II (higher mineral content = fewer bugs & weeds)

Mineral Restoration of Your Garden Soil Part II | Terroir Seeds

Heirloom sweet bell peppers. Save the seeds from your heirloom bell peppers-dry and save in paper envelope with name on it for your garden.

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