Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas Ideas And Cat In The Hat Ideas Too

I know you guys love this board :) It's my Dr Seuss Birthday Party Board- I'm happy to invite you to pin as well. Send an invite to my FB page http://www.facebook.com/blogstorichesclub/ and I'll add you :) Dr Seuss Birthday Party Ideas: Dr Seuss cakes, party hats, snacks and more!! This is my Pinterest board for little Matilda Yoo HOO she will be turning One In Sumerlin Hoo Ville. I'm scrunching and crunching the goodies galore To find great Hoo Ville Ideas And here are some more :)

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas Ideas And Cat In The Hat Ideas Too

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Dr Seuss baby shoes Dr Seuss baby booties Dr Seuss by BabyBrays how cute!

Dr. Seuss party... loving the color scheme!

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party: Ribbon Topiary in Dr. Seuss Blue, Red, White

Here are some videos and pictures of Matilda's Dr Seuss 1st Birthday Party

Matilda's Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Birthday Cake :) We also made so many tasty treats this popcorn is super easy just pop popcorn and melt blue and red chocolates from Michaels and swirl over the popcorn :)

Video of a Dr Seuss Birthday Party Cat In The Hat style

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I tool these hats and glued the poms poms on top for some added Seussville ooomph :)

  • Samantha Cooke
    Samantha Cooke

    Great hats-we also added something from the LORAX...we planted Truffula Trees (really TickleMe Plants that have similar flowers and in addition when the kids tickle them they will move like an animal and close their leaves.Found the TickleMe Plant greenhouse online

  • Lisa Cash Hanson CEO
    Lisa Cash Hanson CEO

    So fun!

I personally made these:) super easy red pop ( I'm originally from MI LOL) then I wrapped them in ribbon and hot glued the one fish two fish :)

  • Erika Schadenberg
    Erika Schadenberg

    How did you make the pop?

  • Lisa Cash Hanson CEO
    Lisa Cash Hanson CEO

    Erika Schadenberg I bought the pop but I wrapped it in ribbon from Michael's and the fish also were at Michaels and it's all hot glued on. But I had to be careful not to put too much or it would melt the bottle.

  • Michelle Quintero
    Michelle Quintero

    Are they okay to put in the fridge to cool or use ice in the cups instead?

  • Robyn Cook
    Robyn Cook

    I love this

  • Lisa Cash Hanson CEO
    Lisa Cash Hanson CEO

    Thank you it was a lot of fun :)

I know this isn't a birthday idea, but thought it was cute!! Dr. Seuss Bookshelf!

1 fish 2 fish jello!

  • Kacie Davis
    Kacie Davis

    loving it!


  • Amy Croom
    Amy Croom

    Jordan!!!! We need to do this !!!

  • Dixie Cochran
    Dixie Cochran

    Would be great at a school fair!

  • joe madigan
    joe madigan

    Jenn L Tuley

  • Gina Quezada
    Gina Quezada

    This would be cool for the kiddies

  • TickleMe Plant Company, Inc
    TickleMe Plant Company, Inc

    way cool. Did you know the TickleMe Plant not only moves when Tickled but produces Truffula like flowers!

cat in the hat

  • Mrs. "K"  Linda Kanervikkoaho
    Mrs. "K" Linda Kanervikkoaho

    wow! Awesome job whoever did this!

cat in the hat party

  • Donna Bishop
    Donna Bishop

    How do you make this?

Dr Suess cupcakes

  • Abigail


  • Kevin Ogden
    Kevin Ogden

    That's for sure!

amazing Dr Seuss cookies

and more cake ideas

  • Kat Ventura
    Kat Ventura

    Dr suess

Sippy cups Dr. Seuss style

people are so creative :)

  • Tomeka Michè
    Tomeka Michè

    How is this made?

Party hat

  • Tomeka Michè
    Tomeka Michè

    Did you make these?

more ideas :)

Dr Seuss inspired Pettitutu turquoise tutu with by BaileighGrace, $35.00

  • Powered by Mom
    Powered by Mom

    This is so cute!

Dr. #Seuss Party #cupcakes #hat with flowers center pieces Now I have way to many ideas LOL Help!

Cat In The Hat Cake Dr. #Seuss I am loving these cakes!

  • ParentingExtra (Kids, Crafts and Fun!)
    ParentingExtra (Kids, Crafts and Fun!)

    Love the fish!

  • Lisa Cash Hanson CEO
    Lisa Cash Hanson CEO

    ParentingExtra (Kids, Crafts and Fun!) I know it's super cute!

lollipop tree. dr seuss theme. would make awesome candy centerpiece

  • cindy way
    cindy way

    how is this made

  • Lisa Cash Hanson CEO
    Lisa Cash Hanson CEO

    I made one for me it was pretty easy I took one of those foam cones from Michaels and glued the bottom to a plate :) hot glue so it will come up and then wrapped a ribbon around and put the lolipops inside the foam