Alphabet Fun

Crafts, Activities & more for the Alphabet. Sharing ideas that will encourage letter recognition, phonetic sounds & letter formation in a fun, hands-on way!
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Letter D activity Dots into dogs

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Letter C Activity Stamping Circles with Corks

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Magnetic letters and pictures can be used for easy-to-prepare, fun Montessori-inspired phonics activities for preschoolers! Post includes YouTube video and Montessori Monday linky.

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Letter A activity - apple stamping. preschool activity

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Sand Pail and Shovel Alphabet Match (free printable)

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5 more ways to help kids learn to spell names. Name Activities for Kids.

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Wnat to know how to teach the alphabet to toddlers? Try these playful activities!

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Zip-Line Letters - fun, hands-on ABC game!

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Garden ABC letter activity for toddlers and preschoolers

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Ideas for using phonics songs and Montessori principles to reinforce letter sounds. Post includes the Montessori Monday permanent collection.

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Playful ways to help kids remember the letters of the alphabet.

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Learn the alphabet with multisensory Doodle Letters - fun art activity!

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Butterfly Alphabet Puzzles for kids (free printable)

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Printable Dot-to-Dot Letters - follow the dots to guide you to create each letter correctly

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Spring ABC Activities ~Creative ways to learn the alphabet indoors and outdoors this spring

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Free "find the letter" alphabet worksheets! Get them for uppercase, lowercase, and both!

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This free letters and sounds game is awesome. Choose the letters and sounds you want to practice, print the cards, and label the game board. Love that you can differentiate!

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How to prepare a DIY alphabet book along and letter sounds with objects; a variation of Montessori letter sound activities that works well for toddlers and preschoolers; post includes the Montessori Monday permanent collection.

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Letter Z Activity, Homemade Educational Toy - Z is for Zip it Zipper Board.

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Garden ABC letter activity for toddlers and preschoolers

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Discovery Bottle Robot - with letters!

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ABC Matching Scavenger Hunt~Someone has broken all of the eggs in our ABC nest and its up to you to help mama bird find and fix them all

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Need some alphabet activities for preschool and kindergarten? These alphabet printables are just what you need!

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Dot sticker uppercase and lowercase letter matching with free printable sheets

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Alphabet Town: A Literacy Activity for Preschoolers. Work on letter recognition and letter sounds with this alphabet activity. Create buildings for a town and then label them with the letter that the name of the building starts with. (P=police station) Website;

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