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How to Make Emotions Discovery Bottles - Inspired by Disney Pixar's Inside Out

How to Make Emotions Discovery Bottles - Inspired by Disney Pixar's Inside Out

Underwater I Spy Jars: let kids fill old mason jars with rocks and shells from the beach to turn them into underwater worlds and play I Spy games. A fun summer craft for kids of different ages!

How do you make a calm down jar- Here are six different recipes. 6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar by Preschool Inspirations

Rainbow Discovery Bottles - Light Table Play

Glitter Bottle Calm Down Sensory Tool Anxiety Relief

Phonics I-spy discovery bottle game

Sea Life Discovery Bottles with growing sea creatures in a bottle.. cool looking! some of these also glow in the dark.

Alphabet Discovery Bottle by Preschool Inspirations

science discovery bottles saturday science experiments #kids #science

Magnetic Discovery Bottles by Preschool Inspirations

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    Laura British

    I Love this Idea

colors shapes discovery bottles

Loom Band Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool

Ocean discovery bottle

  • isabelle wampler
    isabelle wampler

    my kids absolutely love the ocean discovery bottle! they love the shells, the blue waters, and especially the ocean theme ! whenever they see this they instantly stop talking and listen!

Nature Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool.

DIY Inexpensive Glitter Calm Down Bottle from Still Playing School Read recipes for a $1 and $3 version using items you already have on hand at home!

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    Selina Rosalie Gomez

    Looks fun! Heather Mellon

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    love it

How to make sensory bottles for babies and toddlers. DIY discovery bottles for sensory play.

Fun summer project for kids.

  • Emily Harper
    Emily Harper

    Tracie Cowan This is super cute. A jellyfish in a bottle. Thought of your classroom:)

Snowman hush bottles

Personalized I-Spy Bottle activity for Kids by Lalymom

Easy to make fall themed sensory jars.

glowing floating word discovery bottles - so fun for sight words, letters & sounds or vocabulary.

10 fun and easy DIY toys using bottles.

Rainbow Discovery Bottles/ Rainbow Scavenger Hunt FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

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    Esther Stone

    These look so cool!

Discovery Bottles FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS