20 ADHD Accommodations That Work.

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Thank you to Anne Zachry of the Pediatric Occupational Therapist for this fantastic idea! As a therapist, I frequently work with children on bilateral upper extremity skills. It’s important for a child to learn to stabilize an object or container while performing an activity with the opposite hand. This is a simple, inexpensive activity that addresses bilateral skills and visual perception. When the child is required to copy a pattern, this addresses design copy and color ...

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Tactile Balloons

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Calming Caddy- fill a basket with small objects to help an overexcited child calm down.

Easy Ways to Use Baskets for Storage


Calming Chamomile Melting Dough is great for sick or stressed kids.. Heck, it's even great for adults!

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Point-Slope Form Foldable Today, my Algebra 1 students learned about point-slope form. This is the third and final form of a linear equation we will cover. At first, my students were apprehensive about the new formula, but they quickly warmed up to it. Today, we focused on writing equations in point-slope form and finding the slope and coordinates of the point from the equation.

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A free resource describing the 5 communication types of autism.

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Growing my Kindergarten: First Day of Kindergarten - I can see my kids liking this idea - some personal reading space

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Finger knitting is very addictive and children love it for its simplicity and ease.

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“Skweezrs” sheets are great for those children who need to relax and calm down at bed time. Kid-friendly sheets in fun colors for all kids. They work especially well for kids with Autism, PDD, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, and other neurological dissorders. More neutral for kids that need less color stimulation.Some therapeutic benefits of "Skweezrs" lycra sheets- spatial awareness and deep-pressure input. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

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A great app to teach feeling and coping strategies!

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GREAT idea for students with Autism or just for those who struggle to remember classroom routines!

the craft rookie: Really cool idea ALERT!


Sensory Box ideas....

Dirt & Boogers
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"100 Ways to entertain a toddler." This Mom has fun (and funny) ideas to interest her toddler. She rates each with a grade of its success. Good reference.

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Kids cut through sticker to learn to turn and cut - lots of other great fine motor ideas on this site.

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Anger rules

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sensory bags

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Calm Down Kit - helps kids get control of their emotions. Great idea!

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"Hush" Bottles: the calm down solution. hmm interesting.

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When the melt down is starting have student pick a calm down activity Great Visual.

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When a child is unfriendly in class, they have to pick a random act of kindness. This is a great tool for redirection rather than disciplining... good re-teach for PBIS

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One Place for Special Needs scoured the Internet to come up with the most complete list of free social stories covering everything from behavior to toilet training. We also have included stories showing sequential processing, the steps for what to expect in a variety of activities. Some are text only and others include pics. Please rate these resources on our site so others can find the best stories first.

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Ten Commandments for Interacting with Kids on the Spectrum. Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum, http://wp.me/p280vn-9b

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Letting feet stay busy..... students can push on the band while sitting in their chair. This will help the child who needs constant movement.

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Site focused on children with difficulties in attention, reading, writing, maths...and even better - a host of suggested strategies to help them break through.

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