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    Cooking after a hard day at work can be a real chore! But, if you’re aiming to eat clean, you know that wholesome, minimally processed ingredients are the key to a good (and healthy) meal. Whether …

    students have their own personal math word wall; each color represents a different section for EASY referral purposes

    Nitty Gritty Science: Earth's Atmosphere - Introducing the next chapter in the Earth Science Interactive Notebook Series!

    Wind, Water, and Ice Erosion Lab from kprice1022 on - (2 pages) - Students will observe through three hands-on experiments the effects of wind, water and ice erosion on land. These experiments include tables where students can record their observations.

    Nice idea for creating paper food chains (image only)

    diy full length mirror + jewelry organizer.

    diy full length mirror + jewelry organizer.

    Easy way to subtract across zeros without regrouping!

    The BEST visual timers for kids. Helps them stay on task while gaining understanding of time. My class request me to use them for our centers. (FREE)

    5THGRADE. Panicked Teacher's Blog: Mixtures and Solutions!

    In this science video learn how flowers reproduce. Pollination and then fertilization is the process flowering plants use to make more.

    Skinny Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Dip|Creamy, cheesy, enchilada dip that's good you'll want to eat it all! |

    great website!!!! tons of great science for later :)

    How to Use Multiple Sketch Pens with Silhouette ~ Silhouette School

    Perfect for a fun twist. :) Edible "rocks" Earth Science fun

    Notebook for keeping track of behavior issues - great system using mailing labels!

    Burlap Monogram Letter Sign, Powder Blue, Your choice of letter, Letters H, G, L, R, S, N, C, M, or any letter of the alphabet

    Successfully tried and it turned out gorgeous. If you want to win shower gifts, give this a try.

    Disturbed by Distributive Property? No Need to Worry with this Formative Assessment Lesson

    Distributive Property of Multiplication using pictures

    distributive property video

    Free Multiplication Fluency Assessments -definitely should use - joshua

    Wild about fifth grade: Math Workshop - Order of Operations and Writing Simple Expressions

    BookBub alerts millions of happy readers to limited-time free & discounted bestselling ebooks. Go to

    Fun Science Experiment: Pour whole milk and add red bull - let sit 5 minutes and the acid in the red bull will cause the protein in the milk to separate - liquid changing to solid! New Science Experiment to try!

    Does it drive you crazy to see your students shuffling through the notebooks trying to find their next empty page? Do they constantly leave empty pages between entries? Do YOU hate having to spend time finding the page you are looking to assess? Then, the cutting corners method is for you! When you assess notebooks, cut the upper right corner. Just place your thumb on the upper right hand corner and flip…you're on a fresh page! Ta-da!

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!! FREE teacher tools to use with interactive boards.

    Exclusive Blog Follower Freebie! Ecology Energy Pyramid for Interactive Notebooks

    Amy Chomas: Using the Chomas Creations engraving tip on odd shaped objects

    Stencil on burlap(sharpie), then pinned to painted wood. Monogram city

    How to cut out any shape for your bulletin boards using the Silhouette Cameo. Great ideas for any classroom! by lorie

    Quick form to help ALL teachers take notes about their students' IEPs