Pretty Spring wreath

a wreath made with eyelash yarn looks like fresh grass. I think its a great Easter idea :D or spring idea haha. especially with the "bare feet welcome" sign

42 Edible Flowers for your garden & dining

42 flowers you can eat

Beyond nasturtium blossoms and rose petals, there is a surprising number of blooms that are a true delight to eat.

Bug on a bike!

"Praying Mantis Riding a Bike" by photographer Tustel Ico. Indonesian photographer Tustel Ico captured this shot of a praying mantis 'riding' two sprouting ferns which look like a bike.

A Mola Mola.  Amazing what our planet has in lifeforms.

Photojournalist Daniel Botelho snapped this stunning shot of a mola mola (ocean sunfish) more than two years ago, but it wasn’t widely seen until this year. The ocean sunfish has an average adult weight of kg lb) — it’s the largest bony fish in the world!

Ants are incredibly strong as shown by these pictures

Incredible ANT-ics! Close-up photography shows the amazing strength of these tiny insects

Ant Antic's, insects showing off amazing strength, teamwork.

Sculpture that captures the wind and converts it into music

Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavilion designed by Luke Jerram. Aeolus is a giant stringed musical instrument, an acoustic and optical pavilion designed to make audible the silent shifting patterns of the wind and to visually amplify the ever changing sky.

Sunbathing in the tropics

Crocodile's rock: Baby snapper enjoys a ride on the back of a hippo after mistaking him for a nice quiet spot to have a rest

A baby crocodile climbed on top of a hippo mistaking it for a rock. Even after the hippo moved, the crocodile stayed on for 15 mins before climbing off Photo by Richard Miller Kruger National Park, South Africa

Easter eggs that boys don't mind making with mom.

geeky eggs to inspire your easter basket <-- brilliant! love the 'fearsome dalek egg' ;

Kentucky Derby hats.

You can't rain on our (fashion) parade! Storms fail to dampen spirits of the ladies flocking to watch I'll Have Another win Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby hats that are known for their vivacious colors and wildly extravagant size.

Artist created clouds indoor.  They only last a short time but so cool.

Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates indoor clouds

An indoor cloud, made by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. He uses simple smoke machine, combined with the perfect indoor moisture and dramatic lighting to create an indoor cloud effect.