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Tenho imenso orgulho em ser pecadora no meio de tantos falsos santos.
Mónica Pedro
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Sculpture Art, Enchanted, Bunnies, Knight, Ropes, Cords, Knights, Baby Bunnies, Rabbits, Rabbit

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Enchanted, Rope Art, Play, Sculpture Art, Knights, String Art, Knight

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Sculpture Art, Character Inspiration, Enchanted, Bunnies, Knight, Character Ideas, Knights, Baby Bunnies, Rabbits, Rabbit

Enchanted, Knight, Ea, Ropes, Cords, Knights

Sculpture Art, Enchanted, Knight, Knights

Sculpture Art, Ropes, Knight, Enchanted, Cords, Knights

Olivier Valsecchis series, “Klecksography”, builds symmetrical sculptures out of bodies, in a way that evokes the famous inklot tests of times past.

by Olivier Valsecchi / Klecksography - Venus II, 2012