Monica Cotenescu

Monica Cotenescu

We have to change this world by celebrating, by dancing, by singing, by music, by meditation, by love, not by struggle
Monica Cotenescu
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super cool boat - I wonder where it is from, I would quite like one...

Industrial design: shiny and sleek yacht, black and chrome. Love this beautiful boat! Water adventure with Hacker-Craft Racer.

People. Faces. Guys. Men. Confidence. Style. Cool. Classic. Leather. Textures. Layers. Indie. Dapper. Rugged. Beards. Hair. Skin. Beauty. Man Buns. Tees. Suit + Tie. Artistic. Tattoos. Piercings. Body. Features. Athletes. Selfies. Denim. Clean Cut. Distinguished. Tattoos. Jawlines. Eyes. Strong.

Let's cover in this thread the hipster beard. As some of you will know, the hipster beard is a relatively new beard style; it is actually complemented with side swept hair or similar and the beard is

Huge thanks to the MEN at @ortodoux & @roque_80, for sending us some of these MANly shoes from the PureBlood collection. #TheManClub #Apothecary87

This guy could use a shave, but his outfit is sharp. The cuffed dark jeans and white oxford are casual and stylish, but the shined shoes and navy blazer add a lot of flair. This is street style done right.

Hair + beard

Wood chopper in the city.normally don't care about suits ( I like a manual labor kinda fella, in work clothes), but. he cleans up nice, proving once again that tattoos & beards can mean class and style.

Alessandro Manfredini, great beard

Santa, if you’re looking to show off your naughty side, you can take a lesson from Italian model Alessandro Manfredini who adds a bit of “tough guy” to his look with his vest and rolled up sleeves revealing his tattooed arms.

How is he managing to pull off this mustache???? I'm confused because I still think he is hot lol

Unf fashion style beanie Model ring tattoos tattoo ink moustache beer male model BAMF menswear watch muscle g hot guys beard bar scruff bearded pint bearded guys idk i cant tag wesley shankland