Sandwich Cake - definitely need to make this soon

Sandwich Cake - Link isn't accurate, but the picture gives a good idea of how to put it together. Interesting and fun party app.

Great idea for a fancy tea party! Like petit fours in sandwich form! Make sandwiches, cut into cubes, and wrap in thin cut cucumber or pancetta. (no instructions, just image)

, Awesome Sandwiches - So cute! Sandwiches cut into cubes and wrapped in thin cut cucumber or pancetta, cute appy. This sandwiches will surely love by kids, they bring this into school.

I've made this Ribbon Sandwich Loaf for baby and wedding showers, birthdays and tea parties and is always a hit, I use a cranberry cashew chicken salad layer and a strawberry cream cheese layer

Party Sandwich Loaf

This sandwich loaf will be the talk of the party. Lots can be said about the delicious shrimp, olive and ham fillings! Of course you can change the fillings and decorations. But no matter what you put in, it is perfect for an afternoon tea.