Green Bay Packers Ladies Huddle V-Neck Hoodie - Steel/Green...i love big hoodies and the packers, so this looks perfect!

Green Bay Packers Ladies Huddle V-Neck Hoodie - Steel/Green

Green Bay Packers Ladies Huddle V-Neck Hoodie - Steel/Green. Looks like a comfy sweatshirt for gamedays. (even tho at our house it is bad juju to wear team apparel on the big game days.

Custom painted Green Bay Packers converse shoes, with swarovski crystal rhinestone embellishment

Green Bay Packers

Da Bears have a long history of team and player success. They have the most Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees and the most regular season wins in NFL history.


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Green Bay Football

If you are ready for some football then this Green Bay bracelet is going to be the perfect piece to help cheer on your team! Yellow, white and green, fly your colors high with a fashion statement!