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Staircase / ramp at M - Museum, Leuven, NL. Click image to enlarge and visit the boards >>
landscaping, landscape architecture, landscape design, gravel pathway, grass strips, pavers, walkway, rock mulch
Gallery of The Garden / Eike Becker Architekten - 5
Studio Roosegaarde is known for its mind-bending designs, from a solar-powered glowing highway to a ring made out of smog, but their latest project takes things to an incredible new level. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, the project in The Netherlands is a gorgeous illuminated bike path made out of swirling solar-powered LED lights and light-collecting paint. At night, the path is lit by thousands of twinkling stones, creating a beautiful night sky on the ground. The path is…
Le programme de cette opération est organisé de part et d’autre d’un espace central “la …
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Com o objetivo de promover a ampliação da oferta de espaços públicos de convivência na cidade, a Prefeitura de São Paulo regulamentou, em abril de 2014, a implantação de parklets em suas vias públicas.
Deaderick Street :: Nashville, TN Bioswales, medians, sidewalk planters and pervious concrete pavement over structural soils divert 1.2 million gallons of stormwater from going into the Cumberland River
In 2015, Groundswell was commissioned by the Roxborough Development Corporation to design a small park space in a vacant lot in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia. Using the existing architecture of the space, Groundswell reimagined the site and created a lush and inviting public space using a variety of seating components, art installations, and seasonal programming such as food trucks, yoga and outdoor movie nights. Sustainable materials and practices were also integrated th...