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a drawing of a large house with many windows and stairs on the front, along with steps leading up to the second floor
Dark castle
My newest drawing "Dark castle" graphite pencils on paper A3 What do you think? More like this:
soft pastels Pastel, Web Design, Disney, Design, Cinderella, Carnival Girl, Girl, Olds
Carnival girl
soft pastels
a drawing of a giraffe standing in front of a green and yellow background
an elephant flying in the sky with clouds and water around it, drawn by colored pencils
Flying Elephant
oil pastels, fantasy
a drawing of two pink flowers on a blue background
Red flowers
coloured pencils
a drawing of an elephant standing in the dirt
soft pastels
a colored drawing of a rooster on a white background
coloured pencils
a drawing of a yellow and black butterfly
oil pastels
a butterfly sitting on top of a purple flower
oil pastels
a drawing of a butterfly on a red flower
Butterfly on flower
oil pastels
a child's drawing of a person walking in front of a house with trees
To paint this I used inks and markers. This is from my old collection. I had a newspaper in which I read a description of this medium and I decided to try.
a drawing of three trees with animals in the background, and one tree has pink leaves on it
Girlish alternative world - oilpastels.
a pastel drawing of a yellow labrador retriever on a leash in front of a fence
Lonely dog
Technique: dry chalks Size: A4
a drawing of a sailing ship in the ocean
oil pastels; size: A4
a drawing of a ship in the ocean
pencil; size: A4