Yup! It can get ugly but the playing field is in your hands for this outcome.

Damn straight, so don't mess with me or my family! Best to remember this little fact!

Leo ... hates asking for favors.... hit the nail on the head! Always trying to be self reliant... don't NEED anyone's help! Shy sometimes on the inside, love being funny! If we trusted you and you betray us we will stick a fork in you, cause your Done! Off with your head!!!


So just found out that my zodiac sign I've thought I've had forever is basically WRONG! And that I'm a Leo?This is me too . Maybe it's all just bullshit, but I guess I actually am a Leo

Leo & Anger: Loud and Dramatic


So true. I've learned tho control my anger over the years. If I go silent in the middle of an argument, the that as your warning sign lol. Say one more thing and all hell breaks loose

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