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somerollingstone: “ Emily Ruhl by Alexandra Valenti for the Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection ”


Inspired by the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter, Callisto is redolent with powerful myth and radiant beauty. Adorned with swarovski crystal stones these moon ha

Karen Gillan's hair!!!!!! When I was little I always wished for red hair, freckles, and brown eyes...

Karen Gillan with Amy Pond her, love her hair. I would love to have her hair color (if I was prettily pale like her).

E essa é a história de como eu amo a Fiona.

AHS is just NOT the same without this leading lady! Hotel has so much sex in it, I might as well be watching online or reading 50 shades! Bring back the Supreme!

✦ O Outro Plano ✦

Three Rivers Deep

Lucinda gets a little fairy-ish sometimes. Yes that celtic red hair and dark clothing beautiful. Lol reminds me of myself.


I did the sum in my head. And with the number of lifeboats times the capacity you'd mentioned, forgive me but it seems that there are not enough available for everyone aboard.

Eu na aula de "Historia"

(Open::Clary) I had fallen asleep during your class, no one woke me up when the last bell rang to leave for the day. Once you saw me sleeping you decided to wake me up, so you walked over and say