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How To Be a FRIEND freebie - great for building classroom community

Digital: Divide & Conquer: How To Be a FRIEND

Reading and technology classroom door decor and bulletin board. All apps are real and support reading and language arts skills and strategies.

Community Post: 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

Activities for a new class! Get the children to design one or two hands :)

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This would be a great classroom chart to have up as a model for students based off of an Interactive Read Aloud that you've done with the whole class. Students could then try this method out in their independent reading.

The Teaching Thief: Visualizing Beyond the Text with Salamanders!

Teaching Plot.. bahaha I love it!

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Blog post that explains exactly how to use focus wall in first grade. Love how meaningful it is for students!

Sunny and Bright in First Grade: Focus Wall

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking

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I love you, Grammar ♥

15 Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Silly

Reading is Thinking Anchor Chart

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Stamina! A visual for independent reading at the beginning of the year! Color in the longer we can read!

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Choice Board

FRIEND-used this acronym/idea when teaching activity day girls..worked well, good discussion

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When teaching your students to vary their sentence beginnings, use this list of 8 different ways to begin sentences. Give students a copy to keep in their Writing folders for reference! Writer's Workshop, Sentence Fluency, Sentence Beginnings, Six Traits, 6 Traits

Sentence Fluency- 8 Ways to Begin Sentences

School Wide Bulletin Board in the cafeteria.

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GREAT WAY TO TEACH THEME! Think that it is cool how they were able to make it interesting for teenagers.

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Anchor chart that gives students sentences that provokes feelings about their books. What they liked, didn't like, what they weren't sure about and how they felt after reading.

Reading - Mrs. Whalen's Classroom

Everything you need to make GUIDED READING interesting and engaging!


Story Mountain

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Author's Purpose (for reading and writing)- dead pin

Ms. Miller's Munchkins

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Daily 5-2nd Edition Chapter 7 + FREEBIES!

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I love this! It is so important for students to see models! Using a rubric scale to compare weak and strong writing models is a great way for students to begin to reflect on their own writing!

Hooty's Homeroom: Rate Your Writing Chart

Independent---Partner-Reading. perfect for Daily 5 Read to Someone oh dear ... me and jared just started our own little 'book club' ... guess we can start with these hahaahah


Education to the Core: Free Learning Scale Posters!

Education to the Core: Free Learning Scale Posters!

'Quiet Critters' sit on desks while children are working. They are afraid of loud noise so everyone must be very quiet when they are around. :) Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Story Sequencing: this is a visually engaging, creative way of developing awareness of order of events in a story. Students write on windmill the order of events.

Buzzing About Second Grade