My Clementine doesn't chew on her toys. They are her puppies and she sleeps with them. If we would try to show her they squeaked, (in the past, we don't do that anymore) she would get hurt and go hide net baby from us. Guess we were being mean. Lol


This is Farm Sanctuary’s new rescued piglet, Eric. I can’t. ERIC IS A PIG HUGGING ANOTHER PIG. I am giving Farm Sanctuary everything I have. This is why I’m vegan. This pig is so spiritually rich, I love him so much. I can’t even form sentences right now.

He got home last night and I was asleep. He came into bed and gently removed my glasses, slid an arm under me and softly rolled me into my side so he could snuggle. I woke up in the morning, still wrapped up in his embrace. That's my happy place. :)