Somebody Wanted But So Then method of summarizing. I love this board. Fill it in as a whole group then just tear off Post Its when you read a new text.

Laminate and use a dry-erase marker on the sticky notes. Use for writing or summarizing narratives. (Post Its, Sticky Notes, English Language Arts, Anchor Chart, Grammar)

23 Great Picture Books for 5th Grade by Mia Wenjen

23 Great Picture Books for 5th Grade

The Pragmatic Mom has it right . These are 23 GREAT picture books for kids in fourth and fifth grade! Picture books are such a powerful way to teach language in bite size portion

An awesome book list for fifth graders from our kid-lit experts. #reading

Favorite books for 5th graders

An awesome book list for third grade readers put together by our children's book experts. Links to other grade level favorites at the end of the article-Preschool through Fifth!

Language Arts centers for the whole month! 3-6 grades: September

Literacy Centers 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Back to School

Teach Your Child to Read - Language Arts centers for the whole month! grades: September - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

5th grade writing partners! Partner up students and help them with ways to respond to their writing. This is great because the better the feedback is for a writer the better their final piece will be. This is a great way to teach how to give corrective feedback.

25 Awesome Anchor Charts For Teaching Writing

How to Make Spelling Fun includes 25 Spelling Activities for Kids

25 Spelling Activities that Make Spelling Fun!

How to Make Spelling Fun and 25 Spelling Activities for Kids - awesome list with lots of variety, elementary school ideas,

5th grade literature book list. Excellent resource for planning your homeschool year.

My grade literature book list is based off of the Veritas Press literature recommendations. Here are the book we plan to have him read this year.

Upper Elementary Writing Lesson-- 7 different poetry formats--Teaching Posters, Templates, and Brainstorming Organizer

All Kinds of Poems {Haiku, Cinquain, Free Verse, Acrostic, Diamante, and more}

Poetry Writing Lesson-- 7 different poetry formats--Example Posters, Templates, and Brainstorming Organizers

Units are available for grades 2-5.  Cover ALL grade 5 Reading Informational and Reading Literature Common Core State Standards with this bundle! ($)

Interactive Notebook Bundle: 5th Grade {Cover ALL CCSS RL & RI Standards!}

Cover EVERY Reading Literature and Reading Informational Common Core State Standard with this interactive notebook bundle. Tons of printables and at least 3 lessons for every standard are included!