the one.... the ONLY.... the original... our very own..... the beloved VIC CIANCA.....<3 "pittsburgh's dancing traffic cop"....<3 The Digs: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette..... :-)

Vic Cianca: Pittsburgh’s Dancing Traffic Cop

Candy-Rama, downtown Pittsburgh PA. I always finished a trip downtown with a stop at Candy-Rama.

Candy-Rama, downtown Pittsburgh PA ---The most candy packed into the smallest store space!

Kennywood Park ride tickets

Kennywood "ride tickets plus a tax ticket". Talk about responsibility for little kids

Pittsburgh, though unified in spirit, has many different neighborhoods. Some are more spacious or popular than others, while others are historical parts of the city’s tradition. Which one are you from...

Which Pittsburgh Neighborhood Should You Live In?

I remember flying out of Greater Pittsburgh when I was little.

This is the old Greater Pitt airport terminal entrance. - Photo taken at Pittsburgh - International (Greater Pittsburgh) (PIT / KPIT) in Pennsylvania, USA in January,

You know your from Pennsylvania when... or even your elementary school

You know your from Pennsylvania when. or even your elementary school