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"We just knew. You know, Derek knew first of course because he's Derek, and it took me a little longer because I...I was...scared. one day, I just picked her up, and...I just knew. I don't know how else to explain it. I looked at her, and she was my daughter. I just knew." Meredith to Owen about adopting Zola. Grey's Anatomy quotes

Grey's Anatomy has many sad moments, but one happy moment in Grey's all makes up for it. This was a beautiful and touching moment but it makes up for Lexie's death? Not a chance.

Greys Anatomy - Christina Yang - Sandra Oh #GreysAnatomy

Greys Anatomy - Christina Yang - Sandra Oh This is the the only child she will EVER have the capacity to live completely 😊😊

Grey's Anatomy nicknames all of them are perfect! #mcdreamy definitely make me dream @Ellen Pompeo

Grey Nicknames ~ though I liked Addison's other title: "There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and I am their queen," & Bailey went from The Nazi to Booty-Call Bailey! And Meredith is also Medusa!